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Born and raised in Los Angeles, Matt Post always showed interest in the product development side of his family’s Halloween business.  Visiting the Studio while growing up was always a high point, watching the development and production processes. At a young age he began working summers learning each step of the process from the ground up, as mass producing product is nothing but repetitiveness. Matt gained the knowledge and understanding he would need to move a product from concept to mass production.  When manufacturing moved to China in the early 90's, Matt quickly jumped at the opportunity to work overseas. "Working in China really opened my eyes to other cultures and the Global Market."


By 1990 Matt moved into a product development / marketing roll with Don Post Studios. This new position put him on the front line working directly with licensors such as Lucasfilm, Universal Studios and New Line Cinema.  His high expectations for quality product made for a perfect match when manufacturing helped Don Post Studios earn the mad respect from "collectors" of Star Wars and Universal Monster merchandise. The job had become a full time outlet for creativity, working fresh, new ideas thru the development cycle to market.


In 1999 when Don Post Studios was sold to CSS, Matt continued to broaden his business knowledge at a much higher level working for a public company. He continued to work in marketing and had the opportunity to learn and fine tune his skills. In 2004 he left the Paper Magic Group to fulfill his goal of starting a company of his own.


Using his connections in 2005, he began establishing relationships with theme parks, in the entertainment industry and developing non-seasonal products for companies. In 2006 he launched the Hedz Up brand with Take One producing "seasonal" merchandise. In the first year of the seasonal business, product was placed in every mass and specialty retailer. This was a huge accomplishment and the company grew the seasonal side of the company fivefold by 2009.


Take One was acquired by SVI in 2009. Matt served as Director of Marketing for SVI from 2009 until 2013 leading the efforts to elevate brand recognition.  He continues to develop concepts, as a long standing Creative Consultant, providing a cutting edge perspective, drawn from advising many companies over the years.


Even as his day to day work has moved to the ‘big picture’ creative side of the market Matt still remembers his roots.  He continues to be frequently sought after to create and manufacture costumes for theme parks and special projects for the entertainment industry.